The Fouta Towel

Our Fouta Towel collection is designed for everyday versatility. Fouta is used in the bath and at the beach, for stretching out in the sun and wrapping up as evening falls. They can even host a picnic or drape the table. By choosing our product, you support local artisans to achieve better work & trading conditions and promote sustainability.

Why "Fouta Towel"?

  • Versatile, stylish and functional
  • Made with exclusively selected “%100 Turkish Cotton”
  • Inspired, designed and handmade by local weavers
  • Lightweight, compact size, super-absorbent, and fast drying
  • Takes up little space, perfect for traveling, beach day and outdoor activities
  • In laundry; energy, and resource efficient

Our Story

We make exceptional Fouta Towels which has versatile ways to use rather than just as towels. Our unique design and natural color palette are inspired by Turkish culture where the real story of traditional bathing started hundred years ago. Our products are designed at our WeWork office in New York and woven by local Artisans in Aegean Region of Turkey for a unique bath & beach experience. There is a story behind each product we sell. We believe in craftsmanship and are committed to supporting local skilled artisans and their families. We are excited to share their stories and hard-work shine through these unique and beautiful designs.

Our Mission

Our mission is to not only offer the best and finest Turkish Cotton but also inspire you around the high-quality product and creating a unique bath & beach experience. We wanted to make exceptional products that deliver the highest quality, design, style, comfort and versatility to you. We use only 100% Turkish Cotton for our Fouta Towels.

Our Goal

Our goal is to give back. Since we are a start-up company and very new to the retail business, we would need your support to grow our business so we can start giving back to those in need. We are still thinking about different ways for our giving back campaign and would love to hear from you if you have any ideas how to give back.

We look forward to hearing from you. Feel free to email us at


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